A Month in a Cup; November 2016

“November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.” – Emily Dickinson
Mon Dieu! It’s been literally a month. November hasn’t left us still but since I’m in the mood of emotional goodbyes, why not to end his -yeah, he’s a blond, tall, Norwegian academic in my head- chapter today! Of course, I would be lying if denied Dickinson’s participation in such a fantasy.
Dearest readers, ladies and gentlemen, take a moment to think about November…. give this month a form, a face, a gender if you like… he is bloody Norwegian, exactly like she said.
Let’s put deep thoughts aside. For one, let me introduce you this new kind of post, where every month we’re going to have a cup of coffee and discuss the month…

**takes a small sip**November was greatly fulfilling! I’m happy to say that I enjoyed myself a lot, in the company of fabulous friends and fabulous books.

Coffee.Coffee.Coffee -my best friend and I discovered the most intellectual, beautiful cafe in the city and god, I’m getting excited only by thinking about it- !! It was such a pleasant surprise, a very early Christmas gift. Having a fresh, highly anticipated book aside that day made things even more heavenly.

Corteau and I, at his book signing 

Yes, not too many days later I found myself lucky again, having the chance to see Auguste Corteau and to possess my first signed book -the emotionsss- !! To top that, I finally met in person some of the darlings of the coven (how dare you not know the coven). I find myself speechless every time I try to put into words that day and the following days of course. Not even a month has passed since I saw them and I feel awfully nostalgic. As it is expected, we had more mini coven meetings.
Only some of the highlights of the meetings; bless Effie for capturing them 
Our final meeting ended perfectly; Coffee&Film! For the very first time, I attended my city’s film festival –TIFF-. It goes without saying, that this will be an annual visit of mine and the ladies. Worthy of mentioning is the movie we watched, “Die Geträumten” (The Dreamed Ones), a bittersweet story about the lives of two narrators and of two poets tragically in love. We couldn’t have made a better choice.

These extraordinary books (yup, read them all -except Rebecca- , loved them and pretty eager to review them) were keeping me company this month, the ones to the right were lent to me by the very sweet Snow White and the others to the left, were my first Book Depository order!

There is only a little coffee left in this cup, so I guess I better be quicker.
Well, things got a little serious, for one I had to take some decisions and to have difficult discussions about my education with my parents. My dad and I attended a presentation, held by the British Council. We talked to some universities and last but definitely not least, we had some coffee.

I’m delighted to say that I’m seriously considering applying to the University of Edinburgh for my undergraduate. I have still two more years left to finish school but yet it’s really good to know where you’re heading, having your parents’ and teachers’ full support!

My dear November, you were really good to me but it’s time to say goodbye!
Au revoir!


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