“Is this an instrument of communication or torture?”; Prologue

At moments of hesitation or more likely in my case of speechlessness, Lady Grantham’s spirit comes always in handy. To be extraordinarily┬ásimple; hello, my dearest reader!

I’m the one and only housekeeper in this place. Formalities I think are not necessary, after all we’re all ladies and gentlemen in this blog, so you may call me Savvina.┬áSince I was a child I have kept finding a satisfying amount of happiness and quietness in reading, writing, staring at old paintings and of course in watching period dramas. For the time being I’m still studying things I am utterly indifferent for but only for two more years. I’m an aspiring writer and a english-lit-wannabe-lecturer as you may have gathered who likes to start passionate conversations regarding literature, pens and the 1920’s.

Leaving questions unanswered is a bad habit of mine, so please accept my apologies. As far as I’m concerned this isn’t an instrument of torture (if you except the torture of my poor mind and soul). Anyway, it’s a pleasure meeting you. Can’t dream of what unfortunate thing brings you here but if you’re seeking an instrument of communication for dark, young and literate souls then you’re definitely in the proper place.

You will probably (more like hopefully) find a variety of life-changing reading material or even material worthy of your endless rants in this blog!

I dare you reader, get your hopes up (and seize the day)!!