Icelandic + Canadian prisons ; Library Visit


Library deadlines are undoubtedly occupying a substantial part of my thoughts currently – forever seems a little bit too dramatic-!

Putting all this drama aside, for my own good, I was overcome by the idea of a library haul/ wrap up. Definitely, something I didn’t intend on publishing at the very beginning of this blog but … here we are after all.

I have already parted with the books that are pictured, on a proper chilly night of October, rushing myself through the fourth floor of the library, trying to keep an eye for future reading material as well as to be presentable -thank god, for the elevator -. It was a quick goodbye but certainly not a happy one.

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“The Hour of the Star”; Literate Talks


  “In no sense an intellectual, I write with my body. ”

From the very beginning of this book, you know that you’re going to annotate it a hell lot. Lispector manages to fill every sentence of hers so very beautifully and simply. Even if you put aside her wonderful writing, you get a text and a persona.
This is a short novel. A novel that plays quite sensitively with the lines of fiction and autobiography.

“Just as I am writing at the same time as I am being read. Only I do not start with the ending that would justify the beginning — as death appears to comment on life — because I must record the preceding events.
Even as I write this I feel ashamed at pouncing on you with a narrative that is so open and explicit.”

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“The House At Riverton”; Literate Talks


The House At Riverton is Kate Morton’s debut novel, a novel who captures spectacularly the writer’s excellency in storytelling.

“I sound contemptuous, but I am not. I am interested–intrigued even–by the way time erases real lives, leaving only vague imprints. Blood and spirit fade away so that only names and dates remain.”
This heartbreaking story goes back to the 1900’s, from the WWI to the glorious 1920’s! Like any other Edwardian set book, my dearest readers it’s full of heavy political talks at dinners, heartwarming goodbyes to young soldiers, depressing marriages long plotted for financial stability and of course, SUFFRAGETTES! An area very beloved by me and certainly by some of you as well.
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