A Month in a Cup; November 2016

“November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.” – Emily Dickinson
Mon Dieu! It’s been literally a month. November hasn’t left us still but since I’m in the mood of emotional goodbyes, why not to end his -yeah, he’s a blond, tall, Norwegian academic in my head- chapter today! Of course, I would be lying if denied Dickinson’s participation in such a fantasy.
Dearest readers, ladies and gentlemen, take a moment to think about November…. give this month a form, a face, a gender if you like… he is bloody Norwegian, exactly like she said.
Let’s put deep thoughts aside. For one, let me introduce you this new kind of post, where every month we’re going to have a cup of coffee and discuss the month…
**takes a small sip**November was greatly fulfilling! I’m happy to say that I enjoyed myself a lot, in the company of fabulous friends and fabulous books.

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