Icelandic + Canadian prisons ; Library Visit


Library deadlines are undoubtedly occupying a substantial part of my thoughts currently – forever seems a little bit too dramatic-!

Putting all this drama aside, for my own good, I was overcome by the idea of a library haul/ wrap up. Definitely, something I didn’t intend on publishing at the very beginning of this blog but … here we are after all.

I have already parted with the books that are pictured, on a proper chilly night of October, rushing myself through the fourth floor of the library, trying to keep an eye for future reading material as well as to be presentable -thank god, for the elevator -. It was a quick goodbye but certainly not a happy one.

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“Hag-Seed”; Literate Talks


“Like a bird on the wire, Like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my way to be free”

Quoting the beloved, Leonard Cohen seemed like the most appropriate and smoothest way to begin our talk.  You’ll also find that his presence in this work of fiction is not only used musically but metaphorically as well, I would like to say almost as a foreshadowing or as an irony, -as enigmatic as it sounds, it’s really worth solving by yourself-.

As you from crimes would pardoned be,
Let your indulgence set me free.
He exits. – epilogue, The Tempest

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